Bringing Ideas & Concepts To Life Through Great R&D


We develop cutting edge intelligent electronic products, the space envelope is always too small, and quite often take on designs no one else is prepared to tackle.

Some of our designs win awards and  become conversation pieces for our clients. Our work has stood out for its captivating appeal, novelty and uniqueness whilst providing clients with valuable IP to bolster their portfolios and add value to their business.

We make the best use of any space and integrate design concepts that promote great products. Using design and a variety of elements that complement the designs in the space, we deliver interesting and innovative design, time and time again.

Every electronic product uses a power supply and that is where our design expertise resides. Yes, we design that never seen, invisible to the end user mundane power supply for clients to power their products, but we also design complete new beautiful products with purpose, even accounting for vibrant integration in consumer interior design and sleek architecture.

Our designs are innovative, iconic and tailored to exceed expectations. Any project, any concept, any design, custom solutions tailor made.

Small businesses to corporate we have the experience, dedication and knowledge to bring your projects to life.


Something For Everyone………

Welcoming Design and Production Engineers, CEO’s, CTO’s, Shareholder’s, board members and investors.


Life in Electronics

Product Design And Development

We are a design house providing the ultimate experience in bringing concepts to life. Electronic design for just about anything. Power supply, Audio, Bluetooth, IoT, you name it, we’ve probably designed it. Whilst we welcome new design challenges we have assisted many companies with problems on existing or  legacy designs. Although occasionally severely challenged, to date we have
never been beaten by any product, so no matter how big or small your problem is we are here to help. 


Root Cause Analysis And Corrective Actionanalysis

Production yield and field failures all contribute to reduced profits and potentially damaging customer relations. For small production issues to large recall programs we have the skills and experience to help you when you need it most. Our existing clients have been with us for many years as they know they can rely on us to get to root cause quickly and ensure the corrective action is effective. 

                                IP and IP Strategy

IPThe value of a  business will increase dramatically when valuable IP is added to it’s portfolio. Equally, many businesses waste a lot ofmoney pursuing IP that may be of little value. We have worked alongside IP lawyers in the US and the UK and have great relationships with some of the top legal firms. We work alongside our clients to ensure any valuable opportunities for IP are not missed, but also advise and generate IP Strategies for start ups that may not yet have considered a strategy in detail. We represent the technical support element in litigation cases and provide reports to clients and the legal team in defence orprosecution cases. As the field of IP is so diverse, please contact us in the first instance with any questions you may have.

                               Investor and Business Consultants

With more than 30 years in the tech industry operating at board level for independent and corporate businesses we pride ourselves on being able to advise at all levels of a tech businesses. Our extensive start up experience provides valuable insights into all business areas, and as such we have a lot to offer clients. Design failure modes,, business direction, poor production yield, product recalls, loss of market share. Anything in your tech business that is not quite going to plan then contact us for an informal conversation. We provide a technical assessment to Angel investors and VC’s considering or currently investing in a business. If you are planning an investment but would welcome an independent assessment of the technical opportunity please get in touch, if we can help or advise you we will be happy to do so.

Examples of Our Work

Our attention to detail combined with a passion and appreciation for innovative products give companies the extra boost they need sometimes to move a project forward, accelerating time to market and moving towards profit as quickly as possible.

We use best engineering practices to enhance product concepts, bringing our talents to the forefront in creating unique and inventive designs that combine the elements of style, customer experience, UX, and ease of use.

We have the vision and experience of transforming ideas into breathtaking products with flair, transforming your ideas into reality with efficient planning and seamless design services each and every time. A small selection of our work is shown.

Peritus can work with your team or provide a dedicated team for  product design.  We can arrange building of small quantity prototypes and have experience with large mass production in Europe and the Far East.  We will help you to attain maximum market penetration with new and existing technologies. 

We provide risk assessments for each of our engagements, allowing our clients to closely monitor the risks that can stop  a program in it’s tracks. We often get asked why a product is not achieving the cost models expected, and as such we monitor program and product costs, helping clients understand how the costs in the entire chain contribute to the total product liability.