Peritus Power – Founded in 2007

by Lee Harrison

odd one out

Unique in what we do


“12 years designing military products, 8 years at Sun Microsystems in the UK and Menlo Park US,  working with Google, Intel and Microsoft, and it was time to start Peritus Power ”



Initially, designing electronic power supplies and systems for the MoD, DoD, Raytheon, Northrup, Vinten and others provided an excellent base for good engineering and quality practices.

Designing products for land, sea and air placed products in almost every military plane and ship in the UK and US. Many of those designs are still in production in today.

Eventually, nuclear protected electronics and EMP protection were designed into almost every solution providing survival in nuclear events and protection from EMP, we became the go to experts in the UK for EMP and nuclear protected systems.

The digital world in the US at Sun Microsystems provided the opportunities of working with some of the best engineers and entrepreneurs in the world at Sun, Google, Intel, Microsoft and others.

Persuading a hugely successful server industry it needed to pay more for power conversion and drive up efficiency to save data centre power was not easy. Suppliers, for a while thought we were smoking something and tried to put us off by hugely increasing the cost of power. 

With the advent of the 80+ and Climate Savers Group, along with the Green Grid, we won that argument, and inefficient power quickly started to change to become a the strict Energy Star that it is today.

The Dot Com bust affected Sun more than anyone else, and eventually it was sold to Oracle. Oracles drive towards innovation was sadly lacking and many of the innovative programs were halted. All Oracle needed was hardware to supplement their software offerings. 

For those of us driven by innovation, merely existing in a commodity shop was not an option. At that point Peritus Power was born.

Today we provide our skills and expertise to others so that they too can benefit from what we have to offer.