Support For Tech Companies, Investors and Shareholders

Developing Products, Advising Tech Businesses and Investors for 30 Years

Advisors to Startups , Small Business and OEM’s. Advice at Technical, Commercial and Board Level.

Helping handWe work with startups through the  transitional period from inception to early stage and upward. We understand the criticality’s surrounding funding, milestones that must be reached and the sometimes massive challenges that lie ahead. We know what it takes to give a start up every opportunity to become as successful as possible. Everyone has to be on board and board members have to be strong. There is never a guarantee of success but we can certainly make sure you are on the right path and do everything we can to help your business suceed.

“Let us make a difference to your business today.”

Small businesses and large scale OEM’s all suffer from problems from time to time, unexpected failures, design assistance, shrinking market share, the list could go on. Because we have experience in every aspect of a tech business from design, manufacture, marketing and management there are very few companies as well placed to help.

Support Services Available

  • Research And Development
  • Electronic Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Manufacturing, small scale and offshore
  • Failure Mode Analysis
  • Production Yield 
  • Product Field Failure Analysis
  • Product Recall Support
  • IP and IP Strategy
  • Board level support
  • Support for the Investment Community
  • Marketing Advice
  • Advisors in tech acquisition, funding, mergers and takeovers.


Support For Tech Companies, Investors And Shareholders

Business Support – Keeping the good times going – or even bringing them back!

analysisLet’s face it – a successful business with great products is what we all strive towards, where everyone wants to work producing products everyone wants to buy. That can go horribly wrong when market share is eroded, costs spiral out of control and the business loses it’s mojo. To work within a business where what we do is special is something we look back on for years to come, remembering the good times and the wonderful people we’ve shared our lives with. When that dream ends it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees and that is where we can help.

Because we’ve worked with so many clients in so many different environments, you’ll quickly notice what impact we are making. Identifying what’s working and what’s not, but not stopping there, working with you to get it all working again.

So if you are running a tech business that simply is not working, or you need to expand and don’t know where best to start, give us a call or send us a message. We will be right by your side from beginning to end. If your problems surround design issues, products not working as expected or too expensive to manufacture, we have design specialists in all areas, electronic, mechanical, firmware, manufacturing and NPI engineers, we can provide valuable on hand support. Unlike some consultant companies, we like getting our hands dirty.

Support For Tech Companies, Investors And Shareholders since 2007. Preparing for investment, please visit our Due Diligence page here.

Investor Support

Due Diligence from Experts in the Tech Industry – Protecting Your Investment.

Currently investing or considering investing into a tech business?  The due diligence we provide gives you a clear, accurate and unadulterated view of the business you are looking at.

We assess the business opportunity from the product and business point of views. Is their product as good as they say it is? Does it really have the potential claimed? Is the IP portfolio looking promising and do they have an IP strategy?

We look at the business from top to bottom, R&D, manufacturing, IP, financials and staffing. We work out fact from embellishment and paint a realistic picture of where we think the business is, but more importantly where it is heading.

So before you make the investment decision,  contact us and let us have a free open discussion. If you decide to partner with us you will benefit from over 30 years in the industry, expertise in product development, off shore manufacturing, marketing strategies and IP value. We have advised large OEMS but also understand the start up world and are advisors to both extremes.

Support For Tech Companies, Investors And Shareholders