Root Cause and Analysis Services

Improving the bottom line – Looking After Your Customer Base

Failure analysis for Production Environments, Design Issues or higher than expected customer returns.


Production Yield

Healthy production yield is critical to improved profit margins. We work with you and your production team to root cause issues. 

Customers and manufacturers become frustrated when products fail out of the box, manufacturers become even more frustrated when working on low margins wasting time fault finding new products.

By analysing the data we collect we separate manufacturing issues from design failures, we asses the products DFM credibility and provide you and your team with corrective actions to improve yield and make sure the defect rates are within calculated expectations.

It is important to make sure the correct processes are in place and being followed, giving the operators the tools they require to alert supervisory staff when a process is trending out of control

By improving yield peace is restored, happy customers, reliable manufacturers and not forgetting improved profit margins for the business.

Field Failures

Low field failures and high reliability are key factors to keeping your customers loyalty. Customer confidence wanes very quickly when products they buy fail prematurely and don’t provide the modern expectations of reliability.

It is important to quickly determine if field failures are caused by manufacturing defects or more worrying design problems.

Manufacturing defects, whilst they can be expensive don’t carry the same cost of having to redesign an element of a product to fix the defect ratios. Having said that, some manufacturing defects can only be solved reliably then coupled to a design change.

Our experience in this field is well noted amongst some of the larger blue chip companies. We are retained today by customers who use us as their insurance policy, keeping an eye on the product development, it’s manufacture and monitoring for signs of field problems.

One or two failures may be considered random failures, but when the same fault starts appearing regularly its time to jump in and look harder.

product recall

Importance of Getting It Right

Although unfortunate for this manufacturer, we can use the failure mode as an excellent example of what happens when root cause and corrective action is inadequate.

What started as a design flaw with serious consequences, the initial root cause assessment was inadequate. Replacement products hit the market just to fail again later in exactly the same way.

Only a very large business has a chance of recovering from this type of event, the financial implications alone are massive. An every day business could never recover and would most likely never stage a come back.