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Capturing Magic Through Design


The adventure beginsBecause our clients often request a variety of services, and we develop a variety of electronic products we begin by meeting with clients and generate custom  work packages to their needs. To meet these needs, we offer a wide variety of different services, either in package form or a la carte, so that clients who prefer to know exactly what they’re purchasing have the information available. Our clients come from start up’s to corporate and all the steps in between, no matter how large or small your business is we will always be pleased to be of help and at your service until the job is done and everyone is happy with the results.





We cater for product development at any stage of your development. Whilst we prefer to be involved at the beginning of  project we appreciate things do not always work out that way. Whether you have a new product you want to talk about, or are struggling with development of a real time development we will give you the support you need to to get your product to market as quickly as possible.




Bringing Ideas And Concepts To Life




Over the years, we have developed cutting edge intelligent products, where the space envelope is always too small. We quite often take on designs no one else is prepared to tackles we firmly believe innovation is the key to success.

Some of our designs have won awards and  become conversation pieces for our clients. Our work has stood out for its captivating appeal, novelty and uniqueness whilst providing clients with valuable IP to bolster their portfolios and further add value to their business.

We make the best use of any space and integrate design concepts that promote great products. Using design and a variety of elements that complement the designs in the space, we deliver interesting and innovative design, time and time again.

Every electronic product uses a power supply and that is where our design expertise began. Yes, we are experts in elements of a design that will never be seen, invisible to the end user, but we also design complete new beautiful products with purpose, even accounting for vibrant integration in consumer interior design and sleek architecture.

Our designs have been labelled as innovative, iconic and we tailor them to exceed expectations. Any project, any concept, any design, custom solutions tailor made.

Small businesses to corporate we have the experience, dedication and knowledge to bring your projects to life.


Let Us Open Your Eyes 

“Peritus came in at a time when things on one particular program were bleak. Design issues, high manufacturing costs and low yield. 6 months on and our eyes were opened, never looked back. Thank you”.

“Emerson Network Power”


Design Services Overview

Our design service brings together experts in each of their fields. We offer our clients the absolute best in design capabilities, electronic and mechanical. We provide some of the cleverest firmware engineers you will find. 

Our production engineering service pulls in experts from NPI and MFI experts. We work directly with contract manufacturers to understand every element of your product build. 

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Energy Efficiency

PSURepresenting Sun Microsystems in the Google – Intel led Climate Savers Initiative, Peritus is tuned to high efficiency design. With every  PC and server wasting more than 50% of the power it consumed we set out on a drive to reduce worldwide PC power consumption by 50%, reducing harmful C02 by 54M Tons each year.

Together, each representative from Google, Intel, Sun, Microsoft, Del, Lenovo, Hitachi and AMD met monthly and drove this with the support of many others. Click here for more details.

At Peritus we maintain that initiative in every power supply product we design.

Our Engineering Background- Energy Efficient Product Design and Development Services

Our background and core design skill in high efficiency and intelligent power design has provided clients with some of the best power supplies and battery chargers around the globe.

All of our engineers started life designing  military electronics, the key elements of high reliability and attention to detail naturally find their way into all of our designs today.

“Designing Power Conversion products and integrating into the tech world for 30 years.”

Seamless Integration with your Development and Production Teams

Our attention to detail combined with a passion and appreciation for innovative products give companies the extra boost they need sometimes to move a project forward, accelerating time to market and moving towards profit as quickly as possible.

We use best engineering practices to enhance product concepts, bringing our talents to the forefront in creating unique and inventive designs that combine the elements of style, customer experience, UX, and ease of use.

We have the vision and experience of transforming ideas into breathtaking products with flair, transforming your ideas into reality with efficient planning and seamless design services each and every time.

Peritus can work with your team or provide a dedicated team for  product design.  We can arrange building of small quantity prototypes and have experience with large mass production in Europe and the Far East.  We will help you to attain maximum market penetration with new and existing technologies. 

Peritus Power – Energy Efficient Product Design and Development Services since 2007.